Japanese furniture maker Kintaro Yazawa's workshop

Our workshop is on a hill top, over-looking fields, trees and mountains.
We have lived and worked here since 1977.

Our place is hot and humid in summer.
Grass grows fast.
Mowing grass is a necessary part of our daily life.

We live in a wood house more than 100 years old,
which has survived the earthquakes that are common here.

YAZAWA with his apprentices
Work place


YAZAWA working on Urushi finishing
Besides working on and supervising the production of furniture designed by him, Yazawa works on one or two art objects a year which are made entirely by him.

A baby cow at a neighboring farm.
She sleeps on shavings from our workshop.
The shavings become compost and return to the earth.
Our loving dog NANA
Her specialty is to dig her face into the ground.
If you want to see it, click here.