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MTMirror II 18th.July,2001

MTMirror is Morph Target copy/swap utility. This tool is for the exclusive use of Morph Target. If you try to import multiple body parts that share a seam, MTMirror can't do it, because there are overlapping vertices. It can't figure out which vertices mirror when there are two in the same place. This tool is freeware. You have the right to use it for personal or commercial purposes. But,you don't have the right to redistribute it without written permission from me,or to modify it in any way. Windows 9x,NT,2000 available.(I think PC Emulator for Mac available.)


P.A.E 23rd.April,2000

P.A.E is for Animation Freak; ) Poser can export the figure motions as BVH file. P.A.E. detect and analyze the figure elements( which direction the body faced or how much each joints bended) from the BVH. After analysis of movement, P.A.E. apply the most suitable parameters for the specialized morph targets of each body parts, and export the result as pz2. P.A.E. can import only BVH file that was exported by Poser4. P.A.E is effective only for the PAE specialized MTs. These MTs are named like "Pae.....". P.A.E. has two modes, Still mode and Movie mode. This system analyze GRAVITY,ACCELERATE,INNATIA.PAE use specialized MT's.NeneLite is made by Yamato. The figure which has the specialized MTs and joint parameter setting for P.A.E. is necessary. (We call these models "Lite series") Now (May,2000) "Nene-Lite" is specialized for P.A.E.


How to use.:

  1. Use Yamato's Lite Series model.
  2. Export to BVH file from POSER4.
  3. Import to P.A.E.
  4. Save PZ2 file and apply to PZ2 in POSER.

High-heel motion22nd,Feb,2004

Female motion project is animation support tool by python script. For example high-heel python script can apply motion to heel,and it is for use with the Victoria or P4 fem figures.

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