I have produced the software program named "SHAPER" as freeware. SHAPER is a high-speed OBJ file viewer. It can read an OBJ file directly or geometry embedded in a POSER file, (pp2/ hr2). You can also apply it to a MT and check the effect by eye.

System Requirements

Windows XP Professional or Home Edition or Windows 2000.
Open/GL 1.1 or later

View Mode

SHAPER has some view can change using Tool bar and sub menu.smooth mode is the same algorithm as POSER. SHAPER can also display line-polygon or only vertex.When the mode of color is a group, shaper is automatically classified by color per group. When the mode of color is a material, shaper is automatically classified by color per material. In case of non color mode, It does not classify by color. However, when obj has applied MT, operation area is classified by color red. Windows Update (recommended)

BETA Function Fusion / DIvide

This function can summarize two or more groups to one. For example It is possible to summarize the breast, right shoulder, and left shoulder of VIC to one, and to create MT, and to return to Original obj file.Basically, FUSION/DIVIDE functions can keep original vertex sequence.

Get Shaper

You can use SHAPER.but You should cope with any problem by yourself. You have the right to use it for personal or commercial purposes. But,you don't have the right to redistribute it without written permission from me,or to modify it in any way. If you agree,please use it.


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